Sabbath School Lessons

(Starting with the first lessons of 1888 and moving forward)

Original Sabbath School Lessons

The original lessons were downloaded from SSNet.Org, individually copied into Microsoft Word, spaced appropriately, corrected spelling and numerical issues, formatted, and attached an appropriate Ellen White quote if there was no other suggested reading.

These lessons are free to download, printed, and shared. We highly encourage it.

Why use the old lessons?

The old lessons are true Bible study without much human injection. Today's lessons are full of infidel authors, inappropriate questions that leave people wandering what the real answer is without providing such all undermining the faith, and much more in regards to supporting the apostasy and agenda.

Lessons Available In Microsoft Word

January to June 1888
July to December 1888
January to June 1889
July to September 1889
September to December 1889