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News And Comments - April 2021

Four Angels

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December 21

United Nations

General Assembly Declares International Day of Human Fraternity in Response to Growing Religious Hatred amid Pandemic, Adopts 3 Other Texts on Myriad Issues

The UN represents every nation on earth. For them to adopt this means "all the world wondered after the beast" (Revelation 13:3). Although the concept is not bad, it places those that hold to unique truths in an awkward position, which will eventually grow into being looked upon in a hostile way. When we have the union of all religions and nations agreeing on everything to keep the "peace and safety" and we have pockets of people adhering to a different set of God-ordained principles, it creates nothing short of discrimination leading to considering those individuals as outcasts. 


January 31

The Guardian

Denmark sermons law could stifle free worship, warns C of E bishop

If this continues, Amos 8:12 states, "And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find [it]."


January 31

Rolling Stone

How the Christian Right Helped Foment Insurrection

And we ought to expect that they "shall say all manner of evil against you falsely" (Matthew 5:11). We are in the fight of our lifetime. Christianity is under siege. 


February 1

Evangelical Focus

Pope Francis, the Chaplain of the United Nations?

“A day of great intellectual darkness has been shown to be favorable to the success of popery. It will yet be demonstrated that a day of great intellectual light is equally favorable for its success. In past ages, when men were without God's Word, and without the knowledge of the truth, their eyes were blindfolded, and thousands were ensnared, not seeing the net spread for their feet. In this generation there are many whose eyes become dazzled by the glare of human speculations, “science falsely so-called;” they discern not the net, and walk into it as readily as if blindfolded. God designed that man's intellectual powers should be held as a gift from his Maker, and should be employed in the service of truth and righteousness; but when pride and ambition are cherished, and men exalt their own theories above the Word of God, then intelligence can accomplish greater harm than ignorance. Thus the false science of the nineteenth century, which undermines faith in the Bible, will prove as successful in preparing the way for the acceptance of the papacy, with its pleasing forms, as did the withholding of knowledge in opening the way for its aggrandizement in the Dark Ages.”  {GC88 572.3}


February 1

Vatican News

Pope to participate in first International Day of Human Fraternity

"The Holy Father will mark the International Day of Human Fraternity in a virtual meeting on 4 February, the date set by the United Nations General Assembly for this new annual occasion. He will do so together with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmad Al-Tayyeb. The event will be hosted in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed." And we have "the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication" (Revelation 17:2).


February 2

The Burkean

ROXANNE: Ireland’s New Anti-Hate Speech Surveillance Technology

Just more surveillance in prep for enforcing the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:17).


February 18

AP News

UN: Huge changes in society needed to keep nature, Earth OK

ARTICLE: This report uses the word “must” 56 times and “should” 37 times. There should be 100 more because action is so crucial, said former U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres, who wasn’t part of the report. BIBLE: "All the world wondered after the beast" (Revelation 13:3).


February 5

NY Post

Calls for Bank of America boycott grow after data given to FBI

The fact that Bank of America went on an electronic search of private data and handed it over to the authorities to help investigate innocent people that were in the Capitol area on January 6, shows how easy it is to enforce "no man might buy or sell" (Revelation 13:17). All they had to do was pull up purchases made in the area, especially from those out of the area, and provide the list of names and addresses. Just imagine the opposite being true. The lack of information appearing on one's account could show lack of participation in receiving the Mark of the Beast.


February 7

Jewish News Syndicate

‘IBM and the Holocaust’: Twenty Years of Corporate Denial

So big tech influencing the world goes back a long way. And by the help of Antichrist, "the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies" (Revelation 18:3).


February 8

Vatican News

Pope to diplomats: Fraternity, the true remedy to crises and divisions

“While they are bent upon the accomplishment of their purpose, Rome is aiming to re-establish her power, to recover her lost supremacy. Let history testify of her artful and persistent efforts to insinuate herself into the affairs of nations; and having gained a foothold, to further her own aims, even at the ruin of princes and people. Romanism openly puts forth the claim that the pope can pronounce sentences and judgments in contradiction to the right of nations, to the law of God and man.” [THE “DECRETALIA."]  {GC88 580.2}


February 8

Christianity Today

Evangelical Christians Must Take Action to Love Thy Neighbor

The Bible is not to be pitted against itself. We are not to do something based on one theme, but all of it. That includes 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, which says, "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." Put nothing into the body that risks death, alteration, or any damage. "Love thy neighbor" does not include doing harm to one's self. Be in health, Build up the immune system. Besides, this thing does not affect everyone and the recovery rate is so high that people are better off enduring the two weeks of discomfort. The media has exploited everything about it for the sake of the agenda. "Give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I [am] the LORD that healeth thee" (Exodus 15:26). That is the way to help thy neighbor. But most people rather take a shot instead of taking care of one's health.


February 9


‘Sunday lockdown’ in Guadalupe extended

“This time, when there is such an effort made to enforce the observance of Sunday, is the very opportunity to present to the world the true Sabbath in contrast to the false. The Lord in His providence is far ahead of us. He has permitted this Sunday question to be pressed to the front that the Sabbath of the fourth commandment may be presented before the legislative assemblies. Thus the leading men of the nation may have their attention called to the testimony of God's Word in favor of the true Sabbath.” {2MR 197.2}


February 13

The Guardian

Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities

Part of the agenda is revealed between the supposed pandemic along with their solution. What was practiced under Hitler was a test run. Now the weak are being weeded out beyond the walls of Germany. "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold" (Matthew 24:12). Because of greed in money and power, the compassion, the love is gone.


February 22

Catholic World Report

How a religious White House office could promote the common good—or politicize religion

EGW: “The lamb-like horns and dragon voice of the symbol point to a striking contradiction between the professions and the practice of the nation thus represented. The “speaking” of the nation is the action of its legislative and judicial authorities. By such action it will give the lie to those liberal and peaceful principles which it has put forth as the foundation of its policy. The prediction that it will speak “as a dragon,” and exercise “all the power of the first beast,” plainly foretells a development of the spirit of intolerance and persecution that was manifested by the nations represented by the dragon and the leopard-like beast. And the statement that the beast with two horns “causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast,” indicates that the authority of this nation is to be exercised in enforcing some observance which shall be an act of homage to the papacy.”  {GC88 442.1}


February 17

NBC News

New York City waitress fired after not getting the Covid-19 vaccine

And Axios reports "Indonesia announces punishments for those who refuse COVID vaccines" (2/17/2021). That may not be a buy and sell issue but being fined and even losing a job certainly, although indirectly, does affect buying and selling. And once again, we will see where people will have to display some form of identification indicating that they received the vaccination, which is merely a tracker. Everyone is worried about the Mark of the Beast being physically in the hand and forehead while what is in the hand and forehead may be merely the tracker that reveals compliance to the unrelated physical object. Again, the vaccine, or lack thereof, is not the Mark, but serves as an example. Regarding Revelation 13:17, search the scriptures realizing that the contents of Revelation have been "signi-fied" or "symbolized". Therefore, even the Mark has spiritual application that without seeing it that way, people are not realizing what the true Mark happens to be because they are looking at objects that directly allow people to buy and sell, limiting the options all the while the antichrist is just sneaking in  before their eyes the true Mark. 


Feb. 21—Cope

More than 20 years following the Vatican news:

"Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird" (Rev-elation 18:2). "The last great conflict is before us, but help is to come to all who love God and obey His law, and the earth, the whole earth, is to be lighted with the glory of God. 'Another angel' is to come down from heaven. This angel represents the giving of the loud cry, which is to come from those who are preparing to cry mightily, with a strong voice, 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird'” (Re-velation 18:1, 2).  {3SM 412.1}


Feb. 13—News Break

UN human rights office prepares global ‘LGBT hate groups’ blacklist

Blacklisting groups for any restriction on religious freedom is just instigating a hatred towards those who simply want to practice their faith, and working towards the attitude that "the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed" (Rev-elation 13:15). Remember, the image of the beast is the image of antichrist, which is against the doctrines of Christ (2 John 1:7-9).


February 23

Christian Post

63% of Biden voters reject that God is 'all powerful,' 'perfect and just' creator: survey

And this is why this administration will not be instituting a Sunday law. Though climate change could be a reason for Sunday law, Ellen White says it comes into existence in a different manner: "The church appeals to the strong arm of civil power, and in this work, papists and Protestants unite. As the movement for Sunday enforcement becomes more bold and decided, the law will be invoked against commandment-keepers. They will be threatened with fines and imprisonment, and some will be offered positions of influence, and other rewards and advantages, as inducements to renounce their faith." {GC88 607.1}. "The dignitaries of church and State will unite to bribe, persuade, or compel all classes to honor the Sunday. The lack of divine authority will be supplied by oppressive enactments. Political corruption is destroying love of justice and regard for truth; and even in free America, rulers and legislators, in order to secure public favor, will yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance. Liberty of conscience, which has cost so great a sacrifice, will no longer be respected. In the soon-coming conflict we shall see exemplified the prophet's words: 'The dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.'” [Revelation 12:17.]  {GC88 592.3}. "Yet this very class put forth the claim that the fast-spreading corruption is largely attributable to the desecration of the so-called 'Christian Sabbath,' and that the enforcement of Sunday observance would greatly improve the morals of society. This claim is especially urged in America, where the doctrine of the true Sabbath has been most widely preached. Here the temperance work, one of the most prominent and important of moral reforms, is often combined with the Sunday movement, and the advocates of the latter represent themselves as laboring to promote the highest interest of society; and those who refuse to unite with them are denounced as the enemies of temperance and reform. But the fact that a movement to establish error is connected with a work which is in itself good, is not an argument in favor of the error." {GC88 587.1}.

Sunday from the people is to combat immorality. That is not the Biden or Democrat movement. They legislate the immorality, allow cities to burn, promote real terrorists like BLM, encourage LGBQ+, and much more. The current administration is to cause the religious right to actually become the dragon and fight back. This does not require a Republican president, but it sure does need to allow for the Protestants to take over the government. They will do this with union of the Catholic right. 


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