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February 2018 Health Snippets

David Cook

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Natures Cough Drop

Ok, friends, listen up. It is that time of year where many are coming down with colds and coughs. This remedy will get rid of a cough right away. Boil some honey and place a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the honey. Take a teaspoon of this concoction whenever a cough comes on and it will take care of it right away. If the cough returns, take another teaspoon, and the cough should be gone for good. It is nature's cough drop. In fact, it tastes like a cough drop without the menthol, syrup, and food coloring. Below is a testimony from E.G. White (a health instructor from the 1800s) about eucalyptus oil and honey.

"I am very sorry to learn that Sister Ca is not well. I cannot advise any remedy for her cough better than eucalyptus and honey. Into a tumbler of honey put a few drops of the eucalyptus, stir it up well, and take whenever the cough comes on. I have had considerable trouble with my throat, but whenever I use this I overcome the difficulty very quickly. I have to use it only a few times, and the cough is removed. If you will use this prescription, you may be your own physician. If the first trial does not effect a cure, try it again. The best time to take it is before retiring.” – Letter 348, 1908 (To a worker).

How to Get Rid of An Earache

In the case of an ear ache cut an onion in half, wrap one of the halves in foil with an opening at the top and place it in the oven to warm it up. Then put the onion in a cloth and lay your ear on it for 3 - 5 minutes. I have done this for my daughter and her earache went away in five minutes. The onion draws out the infection, and once the infection is gone, the pain is gone. Compare the medications that man has invented to what God has created and there is no comparison. God' s remedies are simple, effective, and the only side effect is being cured of your illness.

How to Get Rid of High Blood Pressure

The Farmer's Market event was a great turn-out yesterday. We were checking blood pressure and giving out literature. I told everyone there that if their blood pressure was high and we couldn't lower it in 30 minutes we would give them $20 dollars. Quite a few people took the challenge, but no one won the $20 dollars. After checking their blood pressure, we would give them a couple bottles of water and a small container of chopped garlic. After 30 minutes passed we would check their blood pressure and they were amazed at how their levels dropped. One man's blood pressure (which was high) dropped down to 112 over 78 in 30 minutes. This method however, is only good for immediate relief. To get rid of the high blood pressure for good, one must drink lots of water regularly (half your body weight in oz.) and exercise daily in the open air (at least one hour of walking). The water will help thin the blood, while the exercise will cause the blood to circulate throughout the body.

God is Good, and His ways are effective. 

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